Joe Muniz Wisconsin DARE Officer Of the Year Award

Joe Muniz Was Racine County first DARE Officer. He had dedicated his life to helping Kids make good decisions. He was well known and respected in all of Racine County. In 1993 Joe was elected to the board of directors of the Wisconsin DARE Officers Association. He brought a passion to the Board. He wanted to make the WDOA the best association of its kind. He wanted the Wisconsin DARE Officers to receive the best training possible. Unfortunately Joe passed away in 1996 during his term as President of the WDOA. The WDOA board thought it only fitting that the DARE Officer of the Year Award be named in his honor.  Each year an Officer who exemplifies the qualities and passion that Joe lived is honored with this award.

 Qualifications for DARE Officer of the Year Award

A. A member in good standing of the Wisconsin DARE Officers Association.
B. Be actively teaching a component of the current DARE Curriculum.
C. Be nominated by one or more of the following. Chief or Sheriff, Fellow DARE Officer, School Administrator, Classroom Teacher
D. Submit a completed application, with letters of support from Agency, School personal including students and Community support.

No later than MAY 15,2020.

Download the Nomination form below


                       Applications shall be submitted to:
WDOA DARE Officer of the Year
1969 Mill Rd
Jackson, WI 53037